Herbal medicine is good for Trucks, too!

Herbal medicine not only helps humans, but it helps TRUCKS, too! I witnessed the powerful properties of Black Pepper myself.

My father, a true mountain man living self-sustainably in the hills of WV, came for a visit to the store recently. A friend came through the door pointing out his truck's leaking radiator. All of us walked outside to observe. The nearest town is 9 miles away - a guarantee that the truck will overheat by then. What does my dad do? Walks to the spice area inside the store and brings a container of black pepper to the counter! Yes, black pepper.

I rang up the sale, a mere $2, and followed him back outside. I watched him start the truck and then pour the container into the radiator. Eyes wide and full of questions, I fired away. What does it do? Why black pepper? Will it work?

Apparently, I'm the only local not familiar with the old remedy for leaking radiators! As others gathered around to explain, the pepper circulates through the system and magically plugs the leak! After 5 minutes of letting is set, dad drove off.

And there you have it: Herbal medicine is also good for trucks. I saw it with my own eyes. I took a picture to prove it.

I also made a video. Check it out on YouTube at https://youtube.com/shorts/BGoBAEGbfAI?feature=share

black pepper fixes leaking radiator